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Quality and Service

We uphold the highest standards in order to ensure that everything we do, we do correctly. Our training, facilities and equipment are state of the art and are regularly updated to ensure that we perform at the top of our game.

  • We triple-check every aspect of tyre and wheel safety. Attention to detail is paramount.
  • Our workflow processes are designed to ensure jobs are done right first time.
  • Every job is treated as safety-critical, no matter how small.
  • We use the right staff for every task. No short cuts allowed.
  • Training is to the highest standards.
  • We use only the right tools and equipment, maintained to the highest specs.
  • We use only the best components.
  • We consider the impact of what we do on the rest of your car and ensure products work together, not just individually.
  • No job is considered done until it’s done right.


Our Guarantee

We'll provide you with the right tyres for your need ‑we're certain of it. So certain, that if you're not happy with our recommendation, you've got a week to test the tyres, after which, if the tyres are still in a good condition ‑ you can swap them for another set (to the same value).

Our Supplier's Guarantee

We only stock quality products ‑ each of the main brands we stock are fully backed by the manufacturer ‑ up to 5 years guaranteed (from date of tyre manufacture).


Our Guarantee

The wheels we recommend for your car will provide you with the safe, quality ride you expect, and will enhance the appearance of your car‑we're certain of it. So certain, that if you're not happy with our recommendation, you've got a week to get the feel of those wheels. If you're not sure after a week, come back, and we'll be happy to look at some alternatives and get you into another set.

Our Supplier's Guarantee

To sell the right product, you've got to buy the right products. We only stock quality alloy wheels, and deal with quality suppliers. All our wheels are backed by the manufacturer against any manufacturer's defect ‑so you can drive with confidence.

Shock Absorbers

Our Guarantee

Test out the shocks we supply. If you can't feel they're working, then they probably are. However, if you have a problem, come back, we'll check the setup and the ride, for free, of course. We'll establish if there's any problem.

However, even if there isn't, and they don't feel right to you, we'll take them back. (If they don't work for you ‑ they don't work for us). We'll happily supply you with alternatives which better suit you needs.

Our Supplier's Guarantee

Shock absorbers are safety‑critical items, although few people are aware of this. For this reason, we only deal with the best. The shock absorbers we supply are guaranteed by the manufacturers for up to three years, assuring you of safe driving in all conditions.


Properly set alignment will add thousands of kilometres to your tyre life ‑ due to reduced tyre wear. It also contributes to safer travel ‑ so it's very important us. If you fit new tyres, we'll give you a week to try out the alignment, and if it doesn't feel right after a week ‑ we'll correct it for free.

Terms and Conditions

All guarantees are subject to the terms of conditions of the product manufacturer. Products brought in for replacement must be in the original condition and returned to the supplying dealer. Unfortunately, we cannot accept tyres and products that show signs of excessive wear, malicious damage and mechanical defect. We are unable to honour any guarantees if there are any other signs that the products have been exposed to excessive use and that the circumstances of the dissatisfaction with the product are as a result of opportunism.

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