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Our Trusted Suspension Brands

Autoquip offers properly engineered aftermarket shocks and suspension that are not only designed to fit your vehicle, but will enhance its appearance and performance at the same time.

Our suppliers manufacture products that cater for everyone from the casual drivers to professional racing teams and 4x4 enthusiasts. Their products are built to the highest standards and meet Germany’s tough TUV standards.

On The Road

Thinking about lowering your car to enhance its performance and appearance?

Lowering springs will dramatically enhance the appearance and performance of your car by affecting the visual relationship between the tyre and vehicle’s fender.

To accommodate variables like ground clearance and the number of people the vehicle was designed to carry, your vehicle’s manufacturer was faced with considerations that ultimately affected its performance. Your car’s suspension has had to be tuned for average conditions, acceleration, braking and cornering - but if you’re not average; you may want your vehicle to better match your driving style.

Suspension can provide a more aggressive appearance and improved handling that will help even the world’s finest automobiles perform even better. Without a doubt, there is no more cost-effective way to enhance a vehicle’s performance and make it look more distinctive than a set of wheels and tyres. However, the additional cornering and stopping traction they provide may be limited by the ability of the vehicle’s suspension to manage all of the increased traction. So in order to get more performance out of high performance tyres, a suspension upgrade may be beneficial.

Lowering suspension will:

  • Dramatically enhance the appearance of your car by affecting the visual relationship between the tyre’s sidewall height and vehicle’s fender well gap.
  • Reduce ride height and have higher spring rates that are carefully tuned to the vehicle. This ensures sufficient load capacity and lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity for added stability. It also improves the vehicle’s responsiveness by reducing body movement, allowing the tyres to function more effectively when performing at their limits.

Monroe Shocks and Struts

Monroe® Shock absorbers and components are specifically designed to suit vehicles which have already covered a certain mileage. The performance obtained with all Monroe® products fully meets original equipment requirements as well as consumer expectations - offering excellent roadholding and comfort ratio.

Eibach suspension systems

Eibach suspension systems feature a balanced relationship between sporty looks, more safety and added performance, while offering increased driving pleasure. With over 50 years worth of experience based on motor sports development, Eibach sports suspension kits provide sporty road performance without sacrificing comfort.


Suspension is the key to your off-road ride.

Pop in and ask the experts for advice on shocks. We’ll get you the perfect set up for your individual needs. Our Fitment Centres have the specialist equipment to ensure maximum comfort for the long-legged cruise, and maximum safety for deep donga country.

Ironman 4x4 Suspension

Whether you use your 4x4 as a family vehicle or as an off road explorer, Ironman has the suspension parts that will deliver the comfort and safety you demand.


Our Guarantee

Test out the shocks we supply. If you can't feel they're working, then they probably are. However, if you have a problem, come back, we'll check the setup and the ride, for free, of course. We'll establish if there's any problem.

However, even if there isn't, and they don't feel right to you, we'll take them back. (If they don't work for you - they don't work for us). We'll happily supply you with alternatives which better suit you needs.

Our Supplier's Guarantee

Shock absorbers are safety - critical items, although few people are aware of this. For this reason, we only deal with the best. The shock absorbers we supply are guaranteed by the manufacturers for up to three years, assuring you of safe driving in all conditions.

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